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Bobby D. Braswell, Jr.

Our Associational Missionary:       Bobby Braswell was licensed to the Gospel ministry in 1990 and ordained in 1992. Bobby has been a pastor in bi-vocational settings and in a fully vocational capacity. He and his wife Frankie married in 1987 and they have two married children, Emma (Michael) and James (Ginny). Bobby graduated from Southeastern Baptist Theological College and Trinity Theological Seminary. He enjoys tennis, woodworking and Falcons football. Bobby has served the Middle Baptist Association since 2009. Bobby and Frankie live in Guyton, GA with their three cats, Reggie, Calcifer and Princess Fuzzy Bottoms.

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Russell Lyle

MBA  Moderator

Pastor of Middle Ground Baptist Church

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Wayne Bragg

MBA Vice-Moderator

Pastor of Rocky Ford Baptist Church

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Annora Mallard

Ministry Assistant

MBA Treasurer

MBA Clerk